Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

A friend of mine once told me he was no Einstein. I remarked that not even Einstein thought he was an Einstein. In fact Einstein was a late bloomer, and in his middle age was stuck in a dead end job like the rest of us. I concluded by saying, "You're probably not going to be as good as Einstein at theoretical Physics, but everyone one is good at something: gardening, cooking, listing unmanned drones in reverse alphabetical order, whatever-- I'm sure their are many things that Einstien never conceived of being able to do well. You should go and be good at that.

"Oh, but maybe not violin playing," I concluded, "Einstein probably has you beat at that as well."

According to the researchers at,  despite varying fields of interest, there are many things that smart people have in common. Displayed elegantly (and a little hysterically) in an infographic "The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People," show how smart people tend to be avid readers, like to write down their goals and show those goals to their friends, have a tendency to binge drink (see "Cleverest Women Drink You Under The Table because I'm sure the ladies are skewing this statistic), and disdain sleep in lieu of a nice, comfy anxiety disorder, such as depression, smoking, and/or neuroticism.

 The Habits of Smart People