Monday, February 11, 2008

11 Don’t Tell the Wife Secrets, All Men Keep

We all have them. Our dirty little secrets. However, it was Bono in "the Fly" who suggested, "A secret is something you tell another person." I always imagined secrets were rather like doves, soft and fuzzy while you hold them, but made to be released beautifully for dramatic effect. Were there people in the world who keep their fuzzy, little doves close to their chests forever?

The answer is, yes. And one of those people is most likely your spouse. Now, I'm not advocating that there is anything wrong with a secret kept here and there. Nor that the other way (secrets kept all the time) does anyone any good. But I can acknowledge that some people like to drive on the highway of life with their windows down. Some people like tinted windows. Some like to ride with the top down. And some (not naming any names, but her initials are CB) like to ride with their head out the window, sitting on the door, driving with their toes.

The toe drivers sometimes have trouble understanding the tinted window crew, which is why, "11 Don’t Tell the Wife Secrets, All Men Keep," is a little funny, a little reassuring and a little refreshing. Perhaps, reading this cute article about hidden truths (which I think happens to be accurate for both sides of the marital divide) will help us compulse a little less over every little secret our significant other keeps.


  1. for the most part this article makes me go "ugh, really?"

    some of the alternate "secrets women keep from their husbands"
    1) really we prefer to stay in the kitchen.
    2) all we really want to do is have your babies
    3) as long as you're satisfied the sex is great
    4) we secretly think it is cute when you criticize our driving skills to your friends
    5) blah blah blah

  2. Hmmmm, the internet is full of Pissy McPissypants today. Really this article should not be taken to seriously. It is a bit of fluff meant to be humorous. The real aim of the article is to indicate that some people like to keep their cards close to their chest and some people don't and both kinds should learn to get along.