Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's not every morning I wake up, put on red, white and blue and walk down to the multi-lingual school to stand in line for an hour and a quarter just to gain access to the gym. I feel just so, everything, right now. Completely anxioushopefulterrifiedexcited as so many Americans are feeling, tonight. To ease you through you Election night jitters I have compiled some fun things to do while waiting for the results to roll in. Just remember to keep breathing!

The NY Times keeps track at how voters are feeling with, "one word to describe your current state of mind," an organic wordsmithing plaything which pops the most used words submitted by voters across the screen in varying magnitude.

BlackBook.com presents, "Get Drunk and Watch Election Return in Washington DC," offering a list of places offering free food and, you guessed it, booze on election night. My favorite?, The Ritz-Carlton will be dropping prices of drinks when a state turn red or blue, but only the prices on drinks of that color.

In that vein, The Modern Gal, Martinis for Two, and The Culture Blog each offer an election night drinking games that are fairly self-explanatory.

Need a good laugh? Try cracked. com's "The 2008 presidential election as depictd by 5-year-olds".

Need a good cry? Talking Points Memo does a good job of capturing why the images and stories of voters bringing their children to the polls have been so touching in, "I Didn't Vote For Obama Today".

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