Friday, October 16, 2009

Washington National Opera Costume Sale

All right. I admit wax|wendy, aka Whit had this up on her Facebook page and I could not resist. Run, don't walk, to this weekends Costume Sale by the Washington National Opera. Everything from accessories to fully formed costumes from the WHO's productions of the Mikado, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly and more will be up for sale in time for Halloween. They've also mentioned historic military and Knights of the Holy Grail costumes. That means (as evidenced by their web-site) pre-distressed vintage party dresses, uniforms, and period garments with accessories starting as low as $2.

To stress the importance of such an undertaking, I have printed out a costume closet necessities list below. Stick all your goodies in a Ikea box under your bed, and you'll be set for holidays to come. (sorry if its a bit female oriented, but I have thought about the lads a little as well).

CandyBuffet's Costume Box Essentials
  • Boots white or black. fits villains and super heroes alike
  • Spectacles antique spectacles of all kinds will turn you into Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or the Baroness
  • Vests westerns, fantasy, Renaissance, Victorians and Edwardians all seem to love this staple. not to mention Dr. Simon Tam
  • Top Hat do I really have to explain? deliciously sexy on women, there is no substitute on men
  • Crinoline hey you can use it when you go square dancing, too
  • Corset
  • Trench Coat film noir and detectives of the Pink and Poirot persuasion, my friends. or is that fiends?
  • Floor length skirt for the gypsy/wench/princess in you
  • Billowy pants for the pirate/ninja/shah in you
  • Puffy Shirt see latter two entries above
  • Cape/cloak
  • Evening gloves elbows for the ladies
  • Hair-piece or Wig boys, you really need one to pull off a respectable pirate
  • Jesus sandals you Greek god/dess, you
  • And don't forget props. Think whips, swords, pistols, feather boas, necklaces, scarves and the like. Go with what speaks to you.

Cash, check and credit cards are being taken (so they say) and full and complete costumes are going from about $50 to $200. And I can tell you, that's just the cost of mid-quality corset on-line or at the Renaissance Fair (so I hear). So, scurry your little legs to the below address, October 17 – 18, 2009, 10:00 AM – to 5:00 PM:

Rehearsal Room C (3rd floor)
WNO Studio
6925 Willow St, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.
(Takoma Park)

Street parking is available or take Metro’s Red Line to Takoma station – turn left onto Carroll St., take a slight right at Eastern Ave, then a right onto Willow St. WNO Studio is on the left.

So go, my children, and remember, I wish I was there.

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  1. I wish you were too! You'll be there with me in spirit :)