Friday, April 16, 2010

Star Wars: Uncut

Casey Pugh is the mastermind behind Star Wars: Uncut, the geekiest, home video inspired homage a cult movie could ever aspire to.

The entire length of George Lucas's fetish inducing opus, Star Wars: A New Hope, was first broken up into 473, fifteen second clips. Fans were then invited to recreate any scene they chose in any style they chose. 905 fans submitted their finished recreations via vimeo using pets as stars, clunky animation and, my personal favorite, the tried and true self video which were strung together, edited and overlaid with the original John Williams Score by Pugh's team.

It's the kind of home-cooked awesomeness that can only spawn babies. Indeed, more Uncut movies are in the works. And thus a new form of rabid, pop culture devotional is born. You can vote for your favorite submitted scenes a the the Star Wars: Uncut website and watch the entire movie any way you want.

The premiere of Star Wars: Uncut is being screened in Copenhagen at the CPH:PIX Festival on Monday, April 19. Pugh will be traveling to the festival and speaking about his unlikely collaboration with Lucas Film during his project. You can keep tabs on the film's reception, interviews and news bites on his website

Are you listening New York? If you build it, they will come.

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