Monday, June 4, 2007

Light saber vs. Transporter

It's an age old question (seriously, older than Ninja vs. Pirate) that if one could have either a light saber, the technological object that fuels fans to Star Wars movies or a transporter, the down played gadget of life changing proportions from Star Trek, which would you choose?

Transporter you say? Sure it would make your commute a helluva lot shorter, but remember we are not talking about the power of teleportation, but the physical machine which you have to set coordinates and a timer to.

Before you make your decision (and tell me why in comments), read this charming article "Finding Refuge at the National Gallery" from the Washington Express, regarding how to deal with Tourists at the Smithsonian Institutions. And remember why no one cut in front of Darth Vader in a line at a public toilet.

1 comment:

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