Thursday, May 31, 2007

La La

Coolest discovery since Netflix. If you, like me, have comptemplated the many art creations that could be crafted from your discarded jewel cases (take a look in the Sweetshop for, but that is an entirely different post). Trade your old CD's (obscure since you bought that Ipod and back-up hard drive) for new CD's in much the same way netflix sends you DVDs.

Welcome to Lala!

You Register, then list the CDs you want to get rid of on your "Have List". List the CDs you want on your "Want List". When someone wants one of your Cds, Lala provides you with envelopes, shipping paid. Everytime you send a CD (with or without album cover), you get a CD off your "Want List". I would tell you more about it, but I will be busy for the next few days brushing the dust of my CD cases and listing every living last one of my Cranberries CDs online.

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