Thursday, August 9, 2007

Halo 3: Fastest Selling Pre-ordered Game Ever

In a strategy utilized by other big entertainment launches, retailers around the world have begun taking preorders for Halo 3 by Bungie for the Xbox 360. Were you thinking of going in for the ultra-collectible Legendary Edition of the game? Then you'd better hurry, because demand has been so strong for the Legendary Edition of the game that it is expected to be sold out by the time the game launches on September 25 making presales for Halo 3 the fastest in video game history.

How big is the hype? Mountain Dew will be co-branding soda cans in the first ever soft drink game release collaboration. Burger King Corp. will be sponsoring the launched with themed packaging for customers and exclusive on-line content. 7-Eleven has announced in-store promotions including Halo 3 branded Slurpee cups and Pontiac will be holding special Garage testing of the game with the release of it upcoming G6 GXP Street (1,000 Pontiac buyers will receive the game with their car purchase). And Comcast will be featuring High Definition videos on its ON-DEMAND Service.

The Game Gods include an official update on the release at their website. CandyBuffet's advice? Buy early. Buy hard mis amigos.

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