Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pick The Brain is a website dedicated to self improvement by focusing on increasing productivity, researching motivation, explaining positive psychology and encouraging self education. I rather like it. From the person who never got around to reading that book on how to stop procrastination (seriously, I had it for year and never read it, I finally had to give it away) PickTheBrain offers a nifty little blog with distilled wisdom in small bites. Recent articles include 14 Ways to Procrastinate Productively (one of my favorites), "How to Grow the Action Habit", which focuses on habits you should cultivate in order to put ideas into action and "21 Proven Motivation Tactics", which I wish I'd read when I was Drum Major of the marching band in High School but is still a winner for those of us in leadership and managerial positions. Next time you need a distraction, waste a little time browsing at PickTheBrain. You won't feel so guilty when you pick up tidbits on how to get things done.

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