Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Interviewing Cheat Sheet

Whether your looking for a job, looking for someone to fill a job or trying to ace your next job review, everyone should take a look at HR World's "Interviewing Cheat Sheet:100 Resources for Interviewers and Canidates". This incredibly detailed article collects guides and links to sources such as the Wall Street Journal and FOCUS magazine, organizing great study resources like the most common interview questions (so you can practice your answers) and strategies for different types of interviews (including group interviews, telephone interviews and the dreaded dinner interview). The Cheat Sheet also pops up with more uncommon tidbits like how to be a short story teller so you will be remembered by interviewers and how to dress for your dream job (the link from Washington State University is most excellently illustrated). In short, the cheat sheet is the yellow brick road to all the interview necessities in emerald city. Bookmark it in your favorites, now.

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