Monday, October 22, 2007

Sim City is the New Scary

The new Sim City game is dubbed "SimCity Societes" allowing you focus on the social aspects of your urban creation. Build an artistic city, an Orwellian city, a futuristic city, a green city, a spiritual community or any freaking kind of society you want.

Did you love the natural disasters element of the original (including letting Godzilla destroy your hard work)? The forthcoming installment of the classic urban simulation franchise, Sim City, will include a global warming variable. Should players choose to build their cities dependent on the types of sources for power that conserve in-game money with little regard to the environment, their carbon ratings will rise and, at reaching critical levels, the game will issue alerts about the threat of the various new natural disasters like droughts, heat waves and more. Alternatively, players can strive to create a greener environment and avoid hazards caused by excessive carbon emissions by choosing from a variety of Alternative Energy low-carbon power options (sponsored by BP, so get ready for some heavy-handed in-game branding). Informative real-world snippets about power production and conservation will also be available in-game, informing players of global warming issues both virtually and in reality.

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