Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Year's Worth of Books

Yesterday we talked about music, so it only makes sense that today we look at the notable books of 2007.

A friend commented yesterday on how she was slowly and inexorably replacing all the books in her life with reality television. It was not that she wanted to, but rather there had been an unlikely dearth of book openings in her life that was cause. And she didn't mean new books premiering. She meant the demise of the physical act of lifting a book's cover.

One of my own New Year's resolutions is to finish reading all the books on the reading shelf beside my bed (it’s a long shelf, believe me). So, in the spirit of getting us all reading again, the NY Times has a delightful article of picks from 2007 including "10 Favorites from 2007" from all of their book critics, a "2007's Ten Best Books" list and "100 Notable Book of 2007" list.

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