Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Global Street Style

Obsessed with Japanese street style as I am, on a pleasurable trip to Japantown in San Fransisco, I purchased "Ganguro Girls", a book that consisted of nothing but pictures of Japanese girls photographed on the street wearing Ganguro style clothes. What can I say? It was cheaper than "Fruits". There was wild, but inspiring stuff in between those pages (And don't worry Lolita Bible, I am coming for you too!).

Which leads me to a list of websites Lucky Magazine called the "best" for global street style. Most of the time, I think Lucky magazine has degenerated into an overpriced, unforgivable style rag that pressures their readers into thinking a thousand dollar pair of trendy boots is a reasonable investment (Oh, Lucky! How far you've fallen!). However, sometimes they still come up with some really good gems.

Each sites below shows snaps of funky fresh, daily wear from a corner of the globe. (Oh, my blog nation, how I love thee). Notice that DC doesn't have a blog in the list. Get cracking, my photo journalists!
Remember, seriously good fashion, takes seriously good research. And anyone that tells you that it doesn't, is trying to sell you something.

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