Friday, January 16, 2009

Tourist Trappings

Tourists. Gotta love 'em.. Or do we? The Express came out with a nifty guide for those visiting our fair, freezing city for the historical inauguration of Barack Obama. Take a peek at their article, "Tourist Trappings: Advice for Out of Towners". And for god's sake people, stand to the RIGHT.


  1. oh my god, the RAGE when someone stands on the left and gives me a confused, pinched look when i want to get by. I AM LATE FOR WORK, I think. I AM NOT ON HOLIDAY, I scream inside my head. YOU ARE LARGE AND IRRITATING, I mouth silently as I rush past them. I leave my pacifism behind on the metro escalators.

  2. "Stand Right / Walk Left" really should be the city motto.

    You could not pay me to go underground tomorrow.