Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 of London's best secret supper clubs

The Times of London is bringing underground supper clubs out into the light.  Think of them as speakeasies that serve gourmet food instead of bathtub gin.  Often hosted in private homes by talented amateur chefs, it's a dinner party full of friends you've never met.

The direct link to the Times Online article is mysteriously no longer working.  Clearly someone realized that a place isn't secret if everyone on the interwebs can find it.  But we know you need to eat.  Check out these links and start working on your secret handshake.


  1. This just proves that once you publish something in today’s age, it never really goes away... someone, somewhere, has a copy of it. Only time will tell if this is good or not. I know one thing, I will certainly be crashing these parties!

  2. There's news of a new supper club in Highbury north London here

  3. I was extremely lucky to have lost my virginity the Parkholme Road Supper Club in Dalston:

    It was a Syrian night, the chef Alicia, who does all this for charity, had actually gone to Syria to research and bring back special ingredients! 16 of us, from all walks of life and all parts of London and beyond, were sitting in a beautiful dining room around a large table which was laden with the most delicious dishes, from kibbeh to lamb with quince braised in pomegranate juice to various mezes. The atmosphere was informal and very friendly, Alicia’s cooking is out of this world, and I can’t wait to go to another of her themed nights – her culinary skills include all kinds of global cuisines.

    I believe the next supper club is on January 5th – I can’t recommend it enough and hope you don’t mind me posting this up on your site.

    Very best, Laura