Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We will know the place for the first time

Ze Frank has been entertaining the online faithful for nearly a decade.    In 2001 he unwittingly created one of the first viral videos when a birthday invitation meant for 17 friends was forwarded to millions.  And in this way, a generation learned how to dance properly.  

He's turning his talents to more thoughtful matters with a series of videos for Time.com called "That makes me think of ... "  In these 3 minutes pieces he takes on the day's topics in a stream of consciousness style that can start with stoned wallabies and end with Robert MacNamara.

His personal site, Zefrank.com, offers hours - hours - of videos, interactive toys, games, and articles.  The memory game is seriously addictive.

You can also follow him on twitter - @zefrank.

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