Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bush's Reign

CandyBuffet has a sincere interest in the personality of the current President of the United States not only because they share an astrological sign, but they also share the same birthday (along with, thank goodness, the current Dalai Lama). In Anthony Lewis's NY Times article "The Imperial President", he reviews Robert Draper's book, "Dead Certain" about the Bush Younger's Presidency. In spite of the mean-spirited frat boy pranks, "the President is not stupid", Lewis suggests. His homespun manner is well-liked by the American people and his clumsy "plain folks" talk is guileless and comes naturally. However, King George's informed tactics are as ruthless as they are shockingly effective and seem "to lack the intellectual curiosity that makes for an interesting mind" or perhaps (in my opinion) an ethical one. Take a gander at the article for yourself.

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