Thursday, November 29, 2007

Confessions of a Thirty-Something Career Girl

Daily Mail's article, "Confessions of a Thirty-Something Career Girl Who Pays for a Male Escort" is more than it seems to be. It is not just a titillating glimpse into reverse stereotyping, but rather an interesting foray into the future of the sex industry (boy, my relatives are gonna love this post). It reminds me of a Marie Claire article, "Where Women Pay $12,000 for Male Affection" I read eons ago about the rise of "Host" clubs in Japan (heavens, did I really read it in 2003?). That article lead to a conversation with my good friend, Sarah, about how the "Lady's clubs" that exist for women in the United States are completely unappealing because the are the exact opposite of "Gentleman's clubs". A bunch of meatheads squelching against you in a bar and trying to get into your pants? That's what women avoid on a day-to-day basis. What women really want is the REVERSE of a "Gentleman's club". A nice place to sit down after work, engage in some flattering conversation and let nice guys fondle your knee, chat you up, and buy you drinks (even if you are the one really buying them). Peek at the articles and decide for yourselves.

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