Monday, November 26, 2007

Six Ideas That Will Change the World

Six Ideas That Will Change the World” from Esquire magazine introduces you to a few, little known technologies that are likely to change the face of humanity as much as coming down from the trees. From “flexible” electronic circuits imbedded in plastic that eliminate the fragile rigidity of electronics and can be applied to prostheses, to the invention of a plastic that is made from the biodegradable oils of orange peels, to (one of my favorites) the downfall of capitalistic internet censorship. (If you've read CandyBuffet’s comments (see the Candy Machine), you know that Internet Censorship is not just for developing countries but is just as prevalent in corporate and military installations at home). None of these ideas are idle, expensive technologies that are unlikely to make it out of a lab, but instead each one is an exciting, new look at a promising horizon.

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