Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Comcrapstic!

Anyone who doesn't know that I hate Comcast, doesn't know that I live and breath. We wouldn't subscribe to their circle of evil, or eyeball their triple play of doom if they weren't the only cable show in-town or if one could get the English Premier League on Netflix.

For S&G's, I was re-reading about the 75-year-old grandma from Manassas, Virginia who became infamous for "Taking a Whack Against Comcast" (after getting fed up with constant delays and blatant indifference at Comcast's customer service office, she re-visited the office with a hammer and took out a couple of keyboards, monitors and a phone). Then I remembered a light at the end of the tunnel I hadn't blogged about. Comcast corporate regularly tunes in to one of their biggest negative publicity sites, the blog "" written by Bob Garfield (co-host of the On The Media show on National Public Radio and author of the "Ad Review" features in the magazine Advertising Age). One of my favorite quotes from their huge array of complaints runs something like this:

This story has it all – shocking lack of competence, outright lies, and a customer service system that can best be described as Soviet in its hopeless ineptitude and ability to drain time and destroy souls.

The good new continues as consumers who post their outrageous, Com-crap-stic stories on this sight, often have their complaints seen to by someone at Comcast's Corporate office. One commenter replied:

This site is fantastic. Quickly after making my post I received 3 phone calls from Comcast: (1) a fellow named Mark called from corporate, left his number and told me I would be contacted by someone from my local office, (2) a call from Gwen who was at the local office letting me know who specifically would be handling my case, and finally (3) Rebecca who was handling my case. After some phone tag (due to my schedule - not Comcast's fault), I was able to connect with Rebecca today who had gone through my bill, corrected all of the charges and let me know my new monthly balance. She also made sure that I was credited for past charges and called to let me know how much my new statement amount was so that I wouldn't overpay.

If you too, like Sisyphus, are forced to shoulder the burden of Comcast's non-existent customer service only to find it rolling back downhill to where you started, you should not delay in checking out Bob's blog.

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