Saturday, December 22, 2007

Candy Girl

For the holidays, my in-laws and I are obsessed with seeing the witty, smart-mouthed “Juno”, the small screen film about an unexpectedly pregnant high schooler and the humors and traumas of teen-age life written by the brilliantly funny Diablo Cody. The funny thing is, Cody, whose real name is Brook Busey-Hunt, was more than a little abashed when telling her parents about her first publishing success, “Candy Girl”. You see, Cody spent a year stripping in clubs and the script of Juno contains more than a little of her own past.

I find it a little odd that our own American culture is complicitly and silently obsessed about sex. A few years ago I saw “Sin City” in the theatre. I expected a darkly fantastic, noir adventure but felt cheated when treated to a graphically violent novella. On leaving, Peter gamely suggested that there should be two R ratings for movies. “RV” for violence and “RS” for sex, because “Full frontal nudity? I can see that all day. Seeing a guy castrated five times? When does that get fun? “

I, for one, am looking forward to one of the first pop-culture treatments of teen pregnancy without the usual of tirade of shame, guilt and humiliation. You too can read more about Cody in the LA Times Article “Diablo Cody: From stripper to screenwriter”.


  1. This is definitely a woman that I would be friends with, and not just have drinks-will party kind of friendship, but a real relationship involving face-to-face conversation. She seems genuine, open-minded and critical simultaneously, and certainly articulate. I especially like her commitment to writing strong female characters. It doesn't sound like a line coming from her. I actually believe in her vision. Nice work in bringing her to our attention!

  2. Forgot to say, I would totally tag this as Matter of Seggri. She might just espouse new media-infused, genre-splicing kind of feminism.