Friday, February 20, 2009


Conquering the world's latest music news, blog musings and gig listings and hastily sorting them into a tasty snack, Gigulate launches this week to perform the delicate balancing act of getting you up to speed on the music scene and finding the gigs everybody is talking about in just a few seconds.

At every minute of every day you can check out a meaningful snapshot of the music world (with relevant concert listings in your area) or browse their archive of artists and music sources and play indie (or whatever your into, mate) stalker to find out where your musical boy/girlfriends are, what they doing, where they are playing next, and who they are playing with.

Isn't it nice to have someone to do your stalking for you? Especially the rabid, music obssessed journalists at Gigulate who do the dirty work of churning through the industry's dirty laundry.

Oh, yes, and I know one of the snappy lads who works there. Also, the brainy bird logo is cute. Check it out for yourselves at Gigulate's site or blog.

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