Friday, February 27, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

A while ago, (I'm looking at you wax|wendy) I realized that CandyBuffet is really about the most creative, fulfilling time-wasting that can be found on the interwebs. The marvelous kind of time-wasting mind you, the kind that tells you to finish that novel, to learn about a new artist, are experience something mind-blowingly hilarious.

Here at Candy Buffet, we often point out the stickily interesting in painted or sketch art (and sometimes the painfully geeky) but not very often do we encounter the intriguing in independent video. Well, no more, I happened upon Oren Lavie's YouTube video, "Her Morning Elegance," by way of ModLife's Blog (that's another post). Oren Lavie is a little known Israeli artist, and "Her Morning Elegance," is a visually breathtaking, stop motion music video, the kind of dreamy, wackily exhilarating stuff that manages to be both provocative and hectic, while reinventing your whole day. Just watch it.

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