Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiny black holes for all!

I'm fascinated by the Large Hadron Collider (we're all big fans here at Candy HQ), and I was disappointed when the LHC was forced to shut down in September following a liquid helium spill. Now comes word from CERN that they have received recommendations for a restart schedule. An exact timeline may be released in the next few weeks, and experiments could resume by late 2009. Huzzah!

Unless there's another incident. The tone of CERN's press release seems to indicate they're taking a more cautious approach than their previous "Let's see what happens" stance. But have they adequately planned for interference ... from the future?

That's the theory explored by Harvard physicist Kevin Black. Could particles created by the LHC in the future travel back in time to shut down the system to avert some disaster? Are there particles with competing agendas? Could some rogue Bosons have slipped a little further back to give da Vinci ideas? Does Triangle Man hate Particle Man? It's a lot of theoretical science-stuff for this history major to digest, so I'm going to fall back on the time theory with which I'm most comfortable.

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