Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best reality show EVER.

It's possible that you've missed it. The best reality show ever created. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's recall petition verification webcam. You would think a webcam of people reviewing petition signatures would be boring, uninteresting, pedestrian. I mean check out the blog. Recall cost estimates this, scanning update that, morning web training this, new webcam angle that. But you would be wrong. Behold the Recall Cam Twitter feed.

As you can see the Twitter feed hasn't been updated since January 25, which makes me sad. But start at the beginning and read it all the way through (gonna take a few hours, I'll wait). Hilarious, no? Better than 90% of the crap you could watch on network/cable TV. It's MST3K for the political set. Or just people who love good snark. Which I do. Which is why I've watched about 4.5 hours of people WORKING... possibly while at work. Seriously, if someone hasn't pitched this to some TV exec by now we should just nuke Hollywood and be done with it. Here's the pitch:

"Sir, I have an idea. What if we had a live feed of some mundane office space with no sound and then we allowed the viewing audience to create the characters, dialog and plot? We crowd source the entire show except for the video. It would be The Office, but not the lame(ish) American version, but the British version, only we wouldn't have to guess what people like, they would literally tell us what they like."

"Johnson, that's brilliant, I already envision a spin-off show about the major contributors."

Anyhoo, I stumbled upon this bit of brilliance via a Wonkette post. What? You don't know Wonkette? Blasphemy. It's only the best political snark on the planet. I mean, the Library of Congress wouldn't include the entirety of its posts for no reason, would it? Maybe, it also archives Twitter.

Housekeeping 1: This is my first... second guest blog spot. I hope I passed the audition. (Old person pop culture reference, look it up).

Housekeeping 2: If the boss clears it I'd like to point out that I have my own blog. Actually I have 7 other blogs besides that one but I'm not going to talk about them until I have more than 1 or 2 posts on them. So, never, probably.

Housekeeping 3: Photo courtesy of Wonkette via Recall Cam, who I think is the originator of it.

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