Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Facebook is a lot like an unfamiliar church. It's terrifying if you've never gone before, but generally more scary to think about going then actually being there (then again, maybe its like Pringles).

Everyone has different privacy needs
. Teachers don't want to be searched by students, lawyers by clients, artists by admirers (but maybe they do) and everyone else doesn't want their boss to receive off hours (hooky playin') status updates. That's why the article "10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know" from All Facebook is such a great read. Learn how to create groups (ahem, high school!), how to remove your profile from Facebook's and Google's search engine (students!), and other nuggets that keep you pictures, status or whatever, under lock and key.

And remember this sage advice, you don't have to worry about someone posting a picture of you with panties on your head, if you don't wear panties on your head in the first place.

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