Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speak Lol Speak

Look, I...I don't usually write posts about this kind of thing but--It's a dictionary for Christ's sake! I had become infinitely frustrated at my inability to decipher comments on youTube. Also, I had a vague sense that the cat asking for a hamburger was using some kind of thinly veiled, racial slur. But, no! Now, I understand that these mis-communications were brought about by Lolcats Speak. Goodbye, ebonics! Hello, shiny new paralinguistic, idiosyncratic dialect!

Speak Lol Speak carries the Definitive Lolcats Glossary. Take "University" courses like Lol 101 or Lolcats Basics. Or just use the glossary to look up "words". Soon you'll be deciphering texts and comment threads with the best of them.

Good. Got it? Now show your grandmum. Kthx.

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