Monday, March 16, 2009


It's true. I have a secret weapon when it comes to tidying my iTunes (curse you DRM!). Not that I would ever, EVER mind you, share music with my mates. I certainly wouldn't accept music from their iPod devices either. But if you sometimes find that the songs in your digital musical collection (ahem) mysteriously have the track information missing, there is help.

Created for music lovers by music lovers, Tune Up software cleans up the meta tag mess your music is in. Songs without titles, artist, or album info are corrected with the click of a finger. Missing cover art ruining your album flicking mojo? Tune Up will fix that too. And look up the upcoming gigs of your most played artists. And find their YouTube videos. And that geeky concert t-shirt you missed.

Its simple, intuitive, and impressive. Let me know your thoughts on Tune-Up. Then spread the love.

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