Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Write A Song and Other Mysteries

I became enamored of Suzanne Vega in Junior High. Those quirky lyrics and haunting melodies would later remanifest themselves in an affection for Ani Difranco and Dar Williams. Certainly, by High School, I was annoying enough to hum snatches of her songs in philosophy, literature and even band class.

A few days ago I found the piece de résistance. Vega writes an opinion blog with the New York Times titled, "Measure for Measure: How to Write A Song and Other Mysteries". Start your tour into her dynamic psyche with "Tom's Essay" and in depth look at how she created the hit "Tom's Diner" (much better a capella, I say, though I guess its easier to dance to with DNA's driving beats). Then muddle your way through more of her creative pieces about the life and times of the songwriter kid.

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