Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paper Gallery of SF Delight

Who wants hours of fun? I want hours of fun. I saw this link to the SF Movie Paper Craft Gallery on Boing Boing the other day, lauding the paper AT-AT from Star Wars . But I think the Veritech fighter in Angel configuration (above) is even cooler. Basically, you print out the PDF pages of your preference and build your own Sci-Fi Model. Here is the picture of the Borg Cube (and stand) I put together today at work. I used a color printer, office scissors, glue (the liquid kind used to seal envelopes), and a letter opener (to press the edges shut).

Cutting time: 8 min
Folding time: 8 minutes
Gluing time: 14 min
Basking in my own geeky glow: Eternal

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