Monday, May 7, 2007

Good vs. Evil

Last Christmas, Sean gave me a unicorn play set (vastly appropriate). Here they are above my writing desk along with the posable sailor moon doll Imani gave me ages ago--right where I can gaze at them for inspiration while writing (And yes, they are currently battling over sushi).

On the packaging of the good vs evil unicorn playset, there was this quiz:

Are you a Good Unicorn?
• Do you like to prance through meadows?
• Have you ever spent all day chasing butterflies and rainbows?
• Is your favorite sound a laughing brook?
• Do you believe the children are our future?
• Are the fairies your friends?

Are you an Evil Unicorn?
• Do you go around impaling Teddy bears and baby seals?
• Have you ever dreamed of ruling the underworld?
• Are you still bitter you weren't invited on the ark?
• Have you ever used your hooves to bludgeon the weak and innocent?
• Do you occasionally breathe fire?

It was the night of our New Year's pajama party. I read the packaging and felt the light of revelation on me. I was slack-jawed until Peter said, "What's the matter, darling?" to which I responded:


Suddenly, I make sense.

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