Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Chart

My favorite astrology site, Astrodienst, just came out with a new interactive astrological chart good for five minutes of fun. For each house or planet in your chart you can click on the element and a pop-up window tells you what it means.

First register at Astrodienst for Free. To draw your free chart, login and go to "Free Horoscopes". Look under "Horoscope Chart Drawings" near the bottom of the page and click on "Chart Drawing Ascendant" (Remember you need to know the time and location of your birth in addition to the day month and year).

Now go back to Free Horoscopes and click on "Astro Click portrait". Hmmm, Sun in the Third House? I have a quick and curious mind, although sometimes I speak when I have nothing to say. Who knew?

Every Thursday Astrodienst also has free transits for their daily horoscopes (created specifically for your profile based on your chart). I usually take a peak to see if it’s a good day for happy hour or for staying home and watching TV. Seriously.

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