Monday, May 14, 2007

My New Face

Junction on U and 15th is my favorite Vintage store in DC (Yes even better than the oft lauded Meeps). Not only did I find an awesome vintage Avon ring (in their newly renovated space) on Tuesday (one I had been lusting over in my Mom's jewelry box for the past 25 years) but the proprietress had cool post cards from "StuntKid" aka artist Jason Levesque (featured in WebDesigner and Playstation magazines).

At his website, (along with galleries of his edgy, cyberpunk digital artwork that manages to be silly, violent and pornographic all at the same time) you can "Design a Girl" and illustrate your own face by changing hair, eyebrows, make-up, nose, lips, and skin color. Trés fun!

Sorry boys, it's girls only. But maybe you can have just a much fun using his "Paperdoll" Tool. Look for it in my Sweetshop.


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