Monday, July 9, 2007

Best Geek Vacation

Wired has compiled this list of the Best Geek Vacations in the World. I have to admit, at first I was nonplussed. But then I squeed after reading hot spot number 5, the Keck Observatory at Mauna Kea, legendary among astronomers for probably the best seeing in the world. It also reminded me of a story one of my college Astronomy professors recounted about the effects of the high altitude of Mauna Kea telescopes. After being acclimatized for a couple of days and warned about the high-altitude sickness, he began his night with the telescope (which has one of the most expensive telescope rates in the world), but he could see no stars. After recalibrating his instruments a few times, wasting an hour, he realized he had left the eyepiece cap on.

And I have to mention, some of our best friends have taken number 7, the Lord of the Rings Tour of New Zealand. (Shout out to Keith and Chrissy!).

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  1. Arecibo, Puerto Rico- the big dish.

    Pisa, Italy