Thursday, July 26, 2007


So, I was trolling Wonkette (like I do) and clicked on one of their sidebar thingies after viewing some pretty cool artwork. Enter Gawker Artists, where one can view rotating selections from different new artists' work. It was strangely mind-bending and yet, relaxing. Each artist has a profile and a link to their home page as well.

Some of my favorites included Parskid (whose images will probably make it onto my cellphone sometime soon), the kooky satircal stylings of Kenyon Bajus (above), and the slighty creepy, slighty magical drawings of Dylan Saisson.

Buyer Beware, Gawker Artists can be a bit like walking around DC's Artomatic, there are a lot of artists there, some I just don't dig (read: crap) but that makes finding the intriguing gems all the more gratifying.

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