Monday, July 30, 2007

Ryan Jacobs

Earlier I blogged about Mississippi based Amy C. Evans. Her fantastic blog, Made in Mississippi led me to Ryan Jacobs a quirky artist who mixes silhouettes and watercolors with pop art organics and anatomical correctness. The above painting reminds me of a candied Mandelbrot set.

The simple lines and unspoken violence of this summer bike below (entitled "Accident prone") remind me of the "Menaced Objects" series by Edward Gorey. I'd really love to see more of him. Jacobs art reminds of old lithographs one could come across in a forgotten thrift store on a sunny day. The lithographs feel worn to the eye, their subject remains intriguing and much of the art is heavily influenced by politics and national culture. See for yourself at


  1. Thank you for bringing these artists to our attention- the Buffet not only tastes good, it has good taste.