Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sorcerers and Secretaries

Apparently this new manga, Sorcerers and Secrataries, from Tokyopop was taken from pages of my very own life. An enticingly, unique fantasy story daringly combined with a romance? I'm in. The sweet, feminine fantasy elements are almost (dare I say?) Sailor Moon-esque, but the parallels between life and fantasy remind me of Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic. It’s a diverting manga ride, cleverly written (and I love the art). Also, seriously, the main character might be me in an alternate reality. Her nickname is SNICKERS--just a little too close to Neekers AND Sneakers to be entirely coincidental. Now, don't get me wrong, Secretaries isn't in the "fantastic girl" genre and the main character don't go through magical adventures (yet), but is rather a city love story, with a twist.

You can read the 1st Chapter at Tokyopop's Website.

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