Monday, July 23, 2007

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Was browsing through the Free People catalogue the other day, (by browsing, I mean, of course, drooling and ripping out the pages). Now, no one in there right mind (not at least on my budget) should buy anything (read "full price") from Free People, the "up" brand of Anthropologie. Their catalogue does, however, contain fabulously bohemian styling ideas and "devil-may-care" hairstyles that you can recreate with your own averaged priced Henleys, stockings and copious amounts of bobby pins. I found myself lusting over these items below.

The first Henley is paired with a luscious belt and a sort of New World charm necklace that somehow combines Western ruggedness and hippie free/nature love. It works. The jacket on the right is a funky, bluesy, must have, cowgirl accessory. It also reminds me of the old denim jacket my sister bleach painted the letters L-O-V-E on the back of in high school. That old jacket instantly turned into the hotest accessory commodity that even our friends fought over. I suppose, I will have to hunt down a beautiful thrift jacket to practice my stenciling voodoo on to recreate this look.

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  1. It wasn't just "letters L-O-V-E" that I bleached in - it was a replica of the LOVE pop art painting by Robert Indiana. And I used a reverse technique - the letters were blue while the space around them was bleached white. I was so proud of that jacket. wonder where it is now? Madi