Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've a Daemon, You've a Daemon...

Any minute now, my new Harry Potter book will arrive. Anyday now, I will see "The Order of the Phoenix" again in the movie theatre. Till either come to pass, I will amuse myself by taking one of the many "Find Your Daemon" quizzes that have popped up all over the internet since the arrival of the "Golden Compass" trailer for the first movie of the remarkable "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Phillip Pullman. Haven't read them? Shame on you! In short, in the main character's world "daemons" (pronouced like "demons") are a person's soul. Never more than a few feet away from you, they are rather like a familiar or an ever present, vocal conscience in the form of an animal.

I've tried a lot of these quizzes (And I mean a lot). With my expertise, I can offer you the following two excellent choices, one superior in form and the other in function:

Quiz one (from Quizilla) is not slick nor pretty (it even has a misspelling in one of the questions) but the questions are thought provoking and insightful and the daemons produced are truly awe inspiring.

Quiz two is everything the first is not and is located at the official movie site for "The Golden Compass". Watch the intro (if you like) then, go to the menu, click on "Daemons" and "Meet your Daemon". The flash engine is raging hot, the flying handles of the alethiometer are messmerizing, even if the daemon choices are limited and their explanations (in my opinion) rather lame. You do get a rocking cool name to go with your daemon, though.

Feel free to leave you results in the comments. Have fun my pretties.


  1. I posted about this here: http://freshsnaps.blogspot.com/2007/05/harry-who.html

  2. From the first Quiz, I had a Raven Daemon:

    RAVEN - Your daemon may be a member of the crow family. You are intelligent, observant, and gregarious. Just as a crow or raven picks shiny objects out of the dirt, you pick up tidbits of information or ideas and store them away. You have a good sense of humour, but sometimes lose patience with people who are antipathic to your nature. You are swift to alert others when you find the truth, and you have no tolerance for those who would hide it.

    The second quiz gave me a crappy Daemon that didn't sound like me at all (tiger) but with a cool name (Aeschylus), which I suppose now belongs to my awesome Raven Daemon.

  3. Oh how creepy and so spot-on....
    EAGLE or HAWK - your daemon may be some kind of bird of prey. Yours is a strong spirit, and a fierce sense of liberty. You cannot be confined. You may be shrewdly observant, and like to be aware of everything that goes on around you. You will fight fiercely for the things that are most important to you, and you are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Still, you are not vicious by nature and would prefer to be left in peace. You probably value your solitude very highly - not that you don't enjoy company, but sometimes you just need to be alone - otherwise you begin to feel caged in and confined. You might want to take a drive on your own, just to feel the road beneath you, or to sit alone on your balcony, watching the world go by.

  4. I can't find the quiz from the movie site. Where is it?

  5. The movie is out on DVD now, and the official site has taken most of the interactive material down including the quiz. Bastards.