Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This will revolutionize the Kessel run

Space, as we know from Douglas Adams, is big. Really big.  Samuel Arbesman's Milky Way Transit Authority distills the great vastness into a map that is elegant, accurate, and whimsical. Inspired by the classic London Tube map originally designed by Harry Beck, this work:

... is an attempt to approach our galaxy with a bit more familiarity than usual and get people thinking about long-term possibilities in outer space. Hopefully it can provide as a useful shorthand for our place in the Milky Way, the 'important' sights, and make inconceivable distances a bit less daunting. And while convenient interstellar travel is nothing more than a murky dream, and might always be that way, there is power in creating tools for beginning to wrap our minds around the interconnections of our galactic neighborhood.

His MWTA website also has links to other, earthly maps, including my personal favorite, the World Metro Map.


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